Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Angel's Bow

Close your eyes
To see the Angel bow,
Standing there in the rain
Releasing the light
Into the consuming darkness.
Time stands still
Rain drops
Frozen in air,
Arms extended,
The light screams!
She closes her eyes
For she needs the light,
She screams
Needing the Angel's embrace
Closing her eyes
To see his face
To see her Angel.
Silence is what she is told
But she screams
She screams!
The Angel
Is beside her
Subsiding her fears
Mending her pain
In the night
In the rain,
Blessing her with light.
She closes her eyes
To see the Angel bow,
Amidst the frozen air
Releasing the light
Into the consuming night.
She opens her eyes
To see her Angel smile
The tears
The shadow's disguise.
The light screams!
For a soul never fearing.
The girl bows her head
The Angel bows his head.
His words go unsaid
And the girl embraces the light.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Anger consumes me
It eats at me.
I'm tired of feeling torn
Tired of being abused.
I hate living in fear
Fear of what comes
In the dark,
Fear the dreams
That haunt me in the night
Thoughts tearing at me
Trying to escape me
Only to enslave me.
The night; my prison
Holds me in fear
In pain, in war
Until the sun releases me

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She pushes on
She stands tall
She continues to walk
She defeats them all
She fights
She becomes one
She finally breathes
She soars!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Fortress

Standing in the rain
I lean against my fortress,
The building that once
Stood so tall
Now falling to
The ruins of the world.

I hear the splatter of the rain
on the stone,
The rain
And my tears
As I crumble
Amongst this rubble
of my fortress.

My cry
Stretches to the sky,
The dark clouds
Embracing the black tears,
Releasing the fears
Of a fallen fortress.
And I pray
For the light
Pray for the warmth,
Pray for the day
My fortress again
Stands tall.

Can I, Will I

I must face him
In the morning,
My nerves growing,
My heart
Beating faster
With the thought of him.
Can I
Will I
Have the strength
To face him?
Must I face him?
Harbors in my stomach
Setting in,
To see him
To smell him.
Fear overcoming
From the thought
Of him being near
His touch so close.
Can I
Will I
Have the strength
To face him?