Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A plate
plunged to
the floor
shattering into
pieces from
the impact
shinning across
the tile
and my
bare feet
I sighed
deeply at
the sight
saying "please
you didn't
need to
jump just
to prove
a point",
grabbing the
broom I
began again
"What am
I supposed
to do?
I can't
put you
back together.
You wouldn't
be the same.
The glue
couldn't hold"
I swept
each piece
into my
hand the
rough sides
making little
cuts in
it's last
attempt to
explain the
tears of
goodbye in
broken pieces
of red
across my
skin and
I began
again "I
hate to
see you
go. I 
really liked
you. Goodbye
sweet plate".

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