Thursday, May 29, 2014

A goodnight to the Day

The sun
has quickly
descended into
the night
that has
awakened as
I slowly close 
my back door
signing a 
goodnight to
the struggle 
of the day
when I hear
the thunder 
echo in
the distance
wondering if
there will be
a storm
on this 
quite night
for I feel
I need
a storm
and as 
I think
I see the
glow of
lighting from
the shaded
window just
as the rain
drops hit
the pane 
with breath
of sigh
the storm
has arrived. 


  1. oh there are times i have need of a storm
    to shake the world and leave the freshness of its

  2. The storm certainly has it's place in our lives. This is beautiful Laura and so is your blog. :-)

  3. Hi, Laura Lynn. I love your meter in this one. It frames your words well and helps to create a suspenseful mood. Needs an edit..."there will be a storm on this (quite) night." (quiet?:) I like your stuff and hope that you're still writing it. -- Tom