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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


You stand there
Watching me burn,
Body Shaking
The flame burning through
A flame ignited by you,
And the body cracks
With the truth
Shattering into dust
From your lust
Stuck in your curse
To blend with the earth
To seed and re-birth.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Angel's Bow

Close your eyes
To see the Angel bow,
Standing there in the rain
Releasing the light
Into the consuming darkness.
Time stands still
Rain drops
Frozen in air,
Arms extended,
The light screams!
She closes her eyes
For she needs the light,
She screams
Needing the Angel's embrace
Closing her eyes
To see his face
To see her Angel.
Silence is what she is told
But she screams
She screams!
The Angel
Is beside her
Subsiding her fears
Mending her pain
In the night
In the rain,
Blessing her with light.
She closes her eyes
To see the Angel bow,
Amidst the frozen air
Releasing the light
Into the consuming night.
She opens her eyes
To see her Angel smile
The tears
The shadow's disguise.
The light screams!
For a soul never fearing.
The girl bows her head
The Angel bows his head.
His words go unsaid
And the girl embraces the light.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Anger consumes me
It eats at me.
I'm tired of feeling torn
Tired of being abused.
I hate living in fear
Fear of what comes
In the dark,
Fear the dreams
That haunt me in the night
Thoughts tearing at me
Trying to escape me
Only to enslave me.
The night; my prison
Holds me in fear
In pain, in war
Until the sun releases me

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She pushes on
She stands tall
She continues to walk
She defeats them all
She fights
She becomes one
She finally breathes
She soars!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Fortress

Standing in the rain
I lean against my fortress,
The building that once
Stood so tall
Now falling to
The ruins of the world.

I hear the splatter of the rain
on the stone,
The rain
And my tears
As I crumble
Amongst this rubble
of my fortress.

My cry
Stretches to the sky,
The dark clouds
Embracing the black tears,
Releasing the fears
Of a fallen fortress.
And I pray
For the light
Pray for the warmth,
Pray for the day
My fortress again
Stands tall.

Can I, Will I

I must face him
In the morning,
My nerves growing,
My heart
Beating faster
With the thought of him.
Can I
Will I
Have the strength
To face him?
Must I face him?
Harbors in my stomach
Setting in,
To see him
To smell him.
Fear overcoming
From the thought
Of him being near
His touch so close.
Can I
Will I
Have the strength
To face him?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Boy

The sun is glowing
Through the trees,
And the children
are running down the path
But I follow the boy.
Legs bare in the sun
Hair golden, long,
The eyes blue
Crisp and gentle.
I find myself
running behind him
Moving along with him.
We sit at a pond
He is looking off
Feet dangling in the water.
The air is warm,
Cool and calm.
I look out across the water
But find myself
Watching him.
He is now hanging
From a tree,
He smiles.
I smile.
We are again on this path,
The sun glowing through the trees
His bare feet
Running through the dirt,
I’m running behind him
Moving along with him.
I hear the laughter
of the children
But I follow the boy.

Copyright © 2010


I see his delicate fingers
Rough, smooth, and bare
His eyes piercing
Gentle but fierce.
Lips smooth, round, electric
Body, medium, solid, escentric
Skin, soft, firm
Giving a fire inside to burn
A yearn,
An attraction, a love, to rise
A continuing fire
That only his presence can subside.

Copyright © 2010

Tiger, Tiger

Tiger, tiger of the land
Tiger, tiger makes me quiver in the sand.

Tiger, tiger of the night
Tiger, tiger in the moonlight you shine so bright.

Tiger, tiger of the moon
Tiger, tiger come back soon.

Tiger, tiger you are my strength
Tiger, tiger for me you always went that extra length.

Tiger, tiger you are mine
Tiger, tiger only to me are you very kind.

Tiger, tiger don't run so slow,
Tiger, tiger I love you so.

Tiger, tiger I'm just a lad
Tiger, tiger I am so sad.

Tiger, tiger why does this tear come to eye
Tiger, tiger knows not why.

Tiger, tiger in my heart there will always be a sore
Tiger, tiger runs no more.

Copyright © 2010

The Seed

Tonight I need
To produce this seed,
A seed of life
That I found in you.
To give, to grow
To seize this crow
Of darkness,
That has come to steal
What I have, what I feel.

Blood drips to the earth
A sacrifice of this birth,
Of the crow tearing my flesh,
For he must perish
In order for this seed to flourish.
He vanishes-
Leaving me famished
A curse of this birth.
I'm stuck in a trance
Of life to enhance
For I have produced this seed
Whole and new in my being,
This seed of life
That I have found in you

Copyright © 2010

The Sound

That sound,
I love that sound!
It never tires
It never bores,
The rumble
The wind!
My tongue thirsts
It yearns
It calls,
It rushes me!
Oh, that sound,
I love that sound,
Captivate me!
Move me!
I tremble at the thought,
I crumble at the sound.
Come to me,
My body stretches
Electrifying me
On my knees
I crumble at the sound!

Copyright © 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Thunder crashing
Through the dark sky
Fires burning
Ashes to fly.
Lighting cracking
The ground cold
Feet dancing
Around in circles
And in stone.
The wind rushing
Through the air
To roar with the wind
To blend within,
Reaching up
To feel the first drop
Fighting to kneel
Needing it to stop
And it pours
Taking its course
To my soul.
A cry to the shores
To the waves
To the moor
To the moor.
Ground is cold
Feet dancing
The fires burning
The world turning
Within the roar.

This is where I am
In circles
In circles
Dancing in the sand
To know what is mine
To feel the rain on my hand
to take; to mark
To Stand
Feeling my beating heart.
I am here
To dance
In the ocean's wave
With fires burning
Ashes to fly
In the light
In the sky
Here to stay
Where ocean's lay.

copyright2010 Laura Lynn Poetry check me out this site for the poetry community. I'm on poetry potluck and there is great interview on me there.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Black Mask Disguise

I see your cloak
In a crowded room,
Your face
Releasing the light
Into the inevitable gloom.
The scar in your eyes
My black mask disguise
And all self control
Leaves the room.

I move through the crowd
The voices carry; loud
Needing to
Need to reach.....

I see your cloak,
Moving through the voices
Moving away.
My cry breaks the room,
Your eyes
Falling upon my open disguise
Feeding into my tomb.
Pearl white fingers
Reach for me
Shadows rise
Tears set in my eyes,
I dare not move.
I feel blind
In the by and by
Waiting for the cry
Until I feel your hand in mine,
In the mist of the crowd;
Voices no longer loud.
The room is still
In the silence I feel
Your face
Releasing the light
And the scar in your eyes
past my
Black mask disguise.

copyright 2010

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Under the Tree

Eyes piercing; blue
He surrounds me
Under the tree
Body whole
Mind clear.
His smile; warming
Bending down
Arms to surround
Heart calm
Spirit found.
Lips full; smooth
Arms embracing
Under our tree
In a kiss
Submerged in bliss.

A Dream

They are talking together
Under the massive tree
of this world,
Bending toward each other
Whispering as they watch me
Dancing in the rain.
White dress floating,
Circling around my legs
As I twirl under the sky
In a song
In a sigh.
The wind sings to me
Wrapping around the tree.
Sky is black
Sky is light
Needing, bending,
In a sky day as night.
A white horse stands
In the distance
Head bowed
Waiting, waiting
for it's run,
Waiting for me to mount
For us to run.
Water dripping from my skin
Air needing to blend,
Legs dropping me to the grass
White dress spread all around
Sitting on the ground
Eyes falling upon them
Sitting under the tree
Whispering as they watch me
Dancing in the rain.


He is there
Under the tree
With words to say
Knowledge to give,
But I run,
I run from him
from this world.
I don't want
To know my fate
To know the truth,
I want silence
In the day
Silence in the night,
I want silence
Under my tree
Silence in the rain
Silence from it all.
I want the fell of the rain
To touch my skin.
I want only my rain
Under my tree
And silence,
Silence from the call
Silence from it all

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Downward Slope

The downward slope
Is where I find him
Standing, embracing the wind
That is now his friend
Blending as one within.

I feel graceful
I feel torn.
For he will destroy
The very world I know,
In this time
To be only thine

It will be my reality
Of this life to save,
The reality that I crave.

His arms are my sanctuary,
A lifetime embrace
In this place
Where I can look upon his face.

There he stands aglow
Becoming the reality that I know
In my world
In our world,
Standing under my tree
Waiting for me
Soaking in our light
Marking me, seizing me
To never, oh never
Leave his sight!


Spinning earth
Gulps me away
In a circle
In a pattern
I can not break free from.

Leaves green with spring
Grass soft from rain
Wind gentle and warm
Brushing my skin
Ever so softly
Ever so softly
Cooling to the touch
Raising every nerve
Sending a tingling sensation
Through every course of
My body.

Rain drops,
Softly, cooling, soundly
All around
All around
In a circle
In a pattern
Across my skin
Now wet with life
Seeping into
Nature's mysterious soul
To be
My serenity!

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Rose

A rose
soft, gentle,
scent sweet.
A thorn to prick
Blood to drip,
Petals soaked in red
Becoming withered;dead,
Red wine to taste
And seeing his face
In the garden.
A rose
Blood dripping,
Tears red
To shed.
Roses and wine
To be mine,
To taste,
To see his face in the garden
His smile to send
For a rose to bloom within. ©LauraLynnPoetry

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Run

I feel the run,
The need
The fuel
The muscle burning
As the legs
push forward.
The breathing
Steady, fast, hard
The heart
Beating in rhythm.
The wind cool
Fast against the skin,
The feet
pushing through the grass
Over the hills
Through the tress
Limbs hitting the leaves.

I feel the run,
The need
Fueling the power
To go faster
Faster up the hill.
Need the climb
The burn in my muscles
The top is not far.
I hear them
Panting behind me
Soon they will be
Beside me
Running with me,
Running as one.
I can hear their call
In the distance behind
I burn harder
Needing to feel the wind more
To feel free.
They are beside me now,
I can feel the softness
As they brush me,
Fueling me with
Their strength,
Carrying me with
Their love.

I feel the run,
The need
Muscles burning
Carrying me up the hill,
The heart beating faster
Breathing flowing harder.
I feel this run
A victory to be won
And we are all running as one
To the top
The very top
To stand together
Beside each other
At the top
The very top.
Wind strong, demanding
The howl in the distance
The call rumbling in the chest,
From my lips, I howl
And they bow,
For I feel the run
And we are one,
We are one!



Friday, July 23, 2010

Release Me

I feel for your lips
In the dark
Feeling your skin
Stuck within,
Waiting, needing it
Release me.

I have a prison
Built within,
Buried inside you
Needing to
Break within.

For I am in flames!
I'm in flames!
Burning inside of you
Consumed by this sin
Waiting for your skin
Release me.

I feel your kiss
In this darken void,
Feeling your heart beat
Submitting to your heat.
It is burning
I am burning,
Only you can subside,
Only you can subside.

For I am in Flames!
I'm in flames!
Inside of you
To break me from this sin
And waiting for your skin
Release me.

copyright 2010

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I am having a motivation crisis! I have all of these thoughts jumbling around in my head but no motivation to put them down. I don't even want to. I actually want to go to sleep. I think there is something wrong with me. Someone help me please!

Maybe a bike ride this evening will help???

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Poetry Today

Should I be worried for my poetry by entering into this new world of poetry? I have been reading a lot of the current poetry today, wondering what happened to actual, classic poetry. A lot of it seems to be in story form. I feel like I'm reading a story and not poetry. The new generation of poetry has lost all rhythm, flow, and beauty.

I fear that my poetry will not meet the new standards that has generated for poetry. I am lost when reading it. I have no idea what the the writer is talking about, expressing, or visualizing. I can not enter into the poet's world, for I am lost at lines added that shouldn't be added. However, these poets are receiving awards and publication.

In my opinion it is not a poem unless it can flow and has a rhythm to it. I am not talking about rhyming I am talking about rhythm. I was taught that a poem not matter what style, needs rhythm.

There are great poets out in the world but are they going unnoticed? Do we all need to subject our style and rhythm to the new generation standards in order to be noticed? This new generation of poetry has corrupted the beauty that once was poetry. It is disgusting!

Random thought for the day

The air cool, warm
Settling on the skin,
Tingling the nerves.
The sensation

copyright 2010

Kentucky Weather

I love Kentucky weather and for those that do not know me, I'm being sarcastic. It has stormed all day, flooding the streets and flooding my dept at my work. Now the sun is shining like it never stormed at all. At least it is cool.....around the 70s, which is really nice considering the horrible heat wave we have had the past few weeks. The humidity is also down...surprising for Kentucky. As they always say in if you don't like the weather in KY wait 20 minutes and it will change.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Friday, July 2, 2010

Storm awake
Tear the world
In your grace
Give it feeling again
This world so lost


copyright 2010

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The unexpected

I hit writer's block last week. It was a miserable week. The feeling of emptiness, hollowness, sadness, and of being caged. Somehow it evaporated last night while listening to Stabbing Westward, which somehow became inspiration of some sort. I am not sure how it happened. I just wanted to hear a song. Now the words are pouring out of me. I have a purse full of sticky notes from jotting down random thoughts throughout the day. Weird and silly how inspiration can come to you. I am definitely not complaining. Whatever works, let it work!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

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Sunday, May 23, 2010


Feelings seizing
Worlds crumbling
Souls dying....

What is this?
What have we become?
I cry out into the wild
but the wind is silent
The earth is cold.

copyright 2010


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Sunday, May 16, 2010


I spent most of the night with notebooks sprawled out before me, sticky notes organized and scribbled all over, ideas jumping at every move! I am excited beyond means. I have spent most of this night writing!

You are probably wondering why I am so excited about writing. How can something so ordinary make a women of my age excited and happy? Well, writing is never simple nor ordinary and to me it means everything. However, I have suffered from about a 10 year writer's block. I have wrote little things here and there but nothing to shake a stick at. I'm talking about when the words overtake you, consume you, and you must put them into sentences before you go crazy. I'm talking about waking in the middle of the night, grabbing your notebook and pen that you keep at you bedside only to write some jumbling thought down. This was my life.

The last time I really remember being consumed by my own words, I was 18 years old. Ah, it feels like an eternity ago! Has it really been 10 years and only 10 years? It feels like a lifetime to me. I can't remember the last time I had the urge to write something. It became like a chore. A horrible punishment I couldn't get out of. How did this happen? What causes this kind of block? What makes someone cease with their passion to do absolutely nothing else!

Remembering back to that girl of 18 years, I wonder what was going through her mind because it had to be better than what is running through my present mind. Why? Because her mind was full of thoughts and these thoughts she put into poems, stories, journals; with hope and drive for the future.

Now I sit on my bed covered in paper feeling that old urge...that old familiar feeling that I love so. Again, I have thoughts and these thoughts are being recorded into stories, poems, journals and maybe again I will have a goal and drive for the future.

Sleep is now consuming me causing me to fight but my body is tired. Would it be sad if I slept with my notebooks?


-side note- don't eat Taco Bell as a late night snack. It will always be a bad idea.