Tuesday, February 25, 2014


There comes a time
when the mind
is completely exhausted,
life bleeding out
to the point
where writing to ease
ceases to exist;
the mind succumbing
to the nothing
it was forced into,
slithering away
into a chaos
it can not comprehend
for it is too exhausted
to even acknowledge life.

posted for #dVersePoets #Openlinknight


  1. ugh. i dont want to go anywhere near that level of exhaustion. ha. oy. but i have been close...its not the exhaustion that feels good but the one that feels a bit hopeless...

  2. I agree, the one that feels a bit hopeless is the one that starts to feel good.

  3. to exhausted to even acknowledge life...that is a tough place to be - i don't mind a bit of chaos as long as there is some hope left

  4. How sad to be at this point ~ I think a rest would do wonders ~ Nice meeting you at D'verse ~

  5. I actually know this poem intimately. I am struggling with dry ink, trying to place words in order and return to my truest love, writing. Very well expressed.

  6. Makes me think of a severe depression. Too deep, too dark… How can anyone one find hope in such exhaustion? But hope must be found.

  7. Thank you! That so describes every Monday morning feeling I've ever had!

  8. This exhaustion is not one I want to experience.. sounds like the kind of exhaustion where only a dark quiet room gives solace.

  9. I don't know if you're writing from exhaustion or not but I like the poem it reminds me of when I'm trying to get it together despite my exhaustion.