Saturday, July 16, 2011

This Stone Structure

Sitting here
in front of this stone structure
I find my mind wondering
about it's history,
of the kind of life
it has lived.
I find myself wondering
why I feel
connected to it,
why it is speaking to me
and why I feel the need
to know the language
that it speaks.
I feel it's power
and the power it has over me.
I embrace it!
I fear it!
I must know of it!
This building
has been my destroyer,
now it is becoming my healer.
For this
I must know
must hear
must understand
its power
it's language
it's life.

posted for dVerse poets


  1. I have felt such energy resonating, the compulsion to know more, to delve deeper. Loving the way this reads, the language chosen. Beautiful, yet dark. I'll raise a glass indeed! Welcome to dVerse! :)

  2. Me too. It's been quite a week. I was so despondent about the ending of onestop just last week. Much thanks for Claudia and Brian working magic and bringing a phoenix from the ashes. This work is inspiring. Claudia said to think construction and you built a tower! Mine was a plaything with blocks. Welcome to dVerse. Should be fun and hopefully instructive. Luke and I will share the Thurs/Friday spot with Form and Critique. Thanks for linking. Gay

  3. thanks Natasha! This rounds on me!

  4. mmm...nice...the stone structure, once destroyer now healer...the stone structure itself captures me as i love to explore and yeah i want o know how it works as well...great to see you today!

  5. Ah, the echoes of history...I feel its power and its power over me...lovely write!

  6. and why I feel the need
    to know the language
    that it speaks

    That sense of place and the possibility of a new language/relationship is well captured in your poem.

  7. Wonderful meditation on history, language, and landmark.

  8. you will find healing..I can feel the energy shift from destructive to healing in every verse of this poem...and that makes me smile Laura!

  9. if only walls could talk. enjoyaable read

  10. once destroyer, now healer and the need to find out what kind of power is working in these walls...i know you're going metaphor with this but old buildings seem to breathe their history and some kind of power over people as well..great to see you at dVerse with this beautiful poem laura

  11. Interesting, I'm intrigued to know more about it. Enjoying the pub vibe? I'm nearly wetting myself. All good things your way Laura, we'll meet again soon I'm sure


  12. Really enjoyed the reflection in this piece. Look forward to reading more of your work in and out of the pub:)

  13. Great historic feel to this piece, nicely played!

  14. Not knowing what the structure looks like or is lends to it's power and the power of this piece. I'm hooked!

  15. Sometimes I feel trapped within walls and the need to escape is strong. So I run... straight to the sea, to the rain forest, to a mountain top or to the country to be far from anykind of walls. Then there are the times when I can't wait for those walls to surround & protect me.
    I really enjoyed your take on this!

  16. " why I feel the need to know the language that it speaks " This must-know feeling is one that I am familiar with, the drive that goes beyond curiosity. Wonderful.