Friday, October 25, 2013

Ashes are Rising

Ashes are rising
burning bright in the fires
blazing in the night.


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Heat of the Candle

Heat of the candle
warms the chill from my bones to
let me rest tonight.


You Must Go

I stand
at the center
of the earth
knowing that I must
be stuck in your curse
for I can't see
what has disappeared
or what will reappear
nor can my thoughts
of you become clear
but I can conclude
that I know
you must go.

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Other Side

Hand on the
cold glass
I can see
myself on
the other side
while I cry
on the other side
desperately needing
the other side
but the glass
does not bend
nor break
against my repeated
as I continue
to watch
myself on
the other side
always laughing,
always happy,
while I fall
on the other side
crying against the glass
that will never bend
nor break
but always
stand between me
tormenting the screams
as I beat
the glass
holding me
between two worlds
cold against
my plams
as I desperately
try to get
to the other side.

#28daysofwriting  poem 4
The picture is from a shared site.

We Can Not

We can not
give it up
no matter
how much
we falter
we can not
give it up
for it will
again breathe
as we will
again inhale.

#28daysofwriting day 28 poem 3

It Can Not Be

It can not be
what I want
it to be
nor will it
ever be free
to take form
on it's own
being able
to see
to again roam
into a being
of complete sanity.

#28daysofwriting day 28 poem 2

Waiting for Warmth

I have again
found my moon
in the cold
waiting for
the warmth
that is you.

#28daysofwriting day 28 poem 1

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Under the Light

The light
is calling me
to the window
as I peek
into the night,
hand pressed
to the cold glass
feeling the need
to call
pulling me out,
out of sleep
out of dreams
to the glass
under the light
holding me there
under the moon
under the light,
the need
holds me. 

#28daysofwriting day 27


Lips soft
are red
with wine
as they continue
to drink
until they
no longer crave
the need
drinking until the
last sip
in the cup
stains the lips
while the tongue
licks it off. 

#28daysofwriting day 26

Friday, October 18, 2013

Finally Here

Ah, it is finally here
the light peeking
in through my windows,
but I'm standing outside
with the cool air
breathing on my skin
with a touch
of wind in my hair, 
in the night
I stand
under the bright moon. 

#28dsysofwriting day 25

Start Over

Did it just
start over
the same night
over and over
with the same dreams
the same bed
the same blanket.
I cling to it now
sitting in bed
waiting for the dawn
for I can't have
the same night again. 

#28daysofwriting day 25

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Patiently Waiting

I have patiently
waited for the moon
to again rise
peeking into my windows
in the night
as I dream.
I can feel
the days getting shorter
watching the moon
transform each night
into different shapes
feeling it's power
getting stronger
calling me
in the cool night
to stand in the moonlight
as it rises full again.

#28daysofwriting day 24

Feeling the Rain

The rain 
dripping down
my brow
as I stand 
in the middle
palms out
catching puddles
to take in
every drip,
smiling to
every little splash
on my lips
with head held up
I feel the rain.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I Await the Rain

I see the
rising sun peeking
over the horizon
bathing me as I stare
into the light blinking
feeling its warmth,
while holding the light
I await the rain.
I see behind th sun
the dark clouds rolling
waiting for the storm
to finally come,
to bathe me
cleansing the dirt
until my sight
has become blurred,
I await the rain.

#28daysofwriting day 23

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bump, Bump, Bump

comes the distant sound
against the corners
of my skull,
which I ignore
until it rings
deep into my core
breaking me
waking me
until I can't take
it rings
again and again
with time in sand
so far away
but ringing so loud
into worlds apart
I still know it's
your heart.

#28daysofwriting day 22

Monday, October 14, 2013

Weep Not

The body
is laid
down to sleep
in the dirt
where it has decayed,
weep not
for the life no more
weep not
for the hole
it has tore,
for this body
has went to sleep
dying from this world
to rise, to reap
into a new life
that it has bore.

#28daysofwriting day 21

Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Face

The face
is pure, clean
eyes sad, calm
brown pools
gazing back 
so very calm
content, relaxed
lips full, dry
do not move
pink ribbons
thirsty, satisfied
pure, content 
brown pools
gazing back
the face
relaxed, humming
lips full, sighing
pink ribbons
dripping, licking
mesmerized, full filled
the face
pure, calm
eyes brown, dark
in pools
gazing back
so very calm
content, relaxed. 

#28daysofwriting day 20

Saturday, October 12, 2013


I spin in
an infinity
with you blurring 
around me
with a touch
barely touching 
we spin,
feeling the desire
but unable to stop
we spin, 
knowing our touch
can never be
given up
for we spin in
an infinity
until one day 
we stop.

#28daysofwriting day 19

Black Canvas

A black canvas
is before me
lacking color
lacking life
sitting still
as I stare
at the candle light
flickering admits
the canvas 
flickering in circles 
against blackness
with a strength 
that this black canvas 
comes to life. 

#28daysofwriting day 18

There Is A Beginning

There is a beginning
and there is a ending
but I can never seem 
to find the beginning
I only seem to find the end. 

#28daysofwriting day 17

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Carry Me

Take me down
to the river stream 
wash the blood 
from off my skin
let all the wounds inflected mend
all the scars to heal,
wipe my body clean
until the water is red
wipe away everything
that has bled.
Lift me from the water
to dry my bare skin,
smile upon me
as you wrap me in your arms 
to carry me 
to always carry me
until the end. 

#28daysofwriting day 16

Cascading Leaves

Leaves cascade 
into red
coloring the ground 
all around
rising again
into the wind
grasping to the
bare trees
lost forever 
in the cold 
growing old
never to bear
only to turn brown
on the ground. 

#28daysofwriting day 15


as the water
submerges the body
lungs burning

as the waters
depart from the body
lungs filing 

as the waters 
dance around the body
lungs inhaling

#28daysofwriting day 14

Sunday, October 6, 2013


bearing down
rolling down
my skin
feeling you within. 
Give me light
Give me grace
as I watch
the sun
roll down
behind the earth.
I still feel
the heat
on me
as I wipe
the sweat
off my body
as you walk 
toward me
with a touch
of fire
that I yearn 
to feel
even though
my skin
begins to peel
I yearn 
for your touch.
bearing down
as I watch you
needing your
touch of fire
to free me. 

#28daysofwriting day 13

Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Storm Embarks

Thunder rumbles
as the storm embarks
rain soaking
into skin
feeding from within
wind blowing
whispering into the storm 
lifting the earth 
unto the unborn. 

#28daysofwriting day 12

Drifting Away

I'm drifting away
into the night
riding a dream
that ripples
through waves
of reality
trying to crash
into the blinding light
only to be 
pulled back
into waves
of a never ending dream

#28daysofwriting day 11

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Forgive Me

Forgive me
for I no longer 
see you
nor your shadow 
only the ashes
you left behind
into dust 
into sand 
to blow away forever. 

#28daysofwriting day 10

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Heart and Lungs

a breathing will
a beating want
together blending 
action and need
into life. 

#28daysofwriting day 9

Let Me Pretend

Let me
pretend to be here
holding you
in my arms.
Let me 
pretend that 
you are here
with me
whispering to me
pretending to
love me. 
I fall 
in the night
needing your embrace
let me sigh
let me cry
let the world die
for you are
never here
never holding
causing me
to pretend
for pretending
is the only way
that I can love you. 

#28daysofwriting day 8

Sit My Dear

Sit down my dear 
to feast upon
my heart
that you carved
from my chest
swallowing each bite
as my blood 
begins to boil
flowing from the 
wound you cast
staining your flesh
to become your poison. 

#28daysofwriting day 7