Thursday, September 30, 2010

Black Mask Disguise

I see your cloak
In a crowded room,
Your face
Releasing the light
Into the inevitable gloom.
The scar in your eyes
My black mask disguise
And all self control
Leaves the room.

I move through the crowd
The voices carry; loud
Needing to
Need to reach.....

I see your cloak,
Moving through the voices
Moving away.
My cry breaks the room,
Your eyes
Falling upon my open disguise
Feeding into my tomb.
Pearl white fingers
Reach for me
Shadows rise
Tears set in my eyes,
I dare not move.
I feel blind
In the by and by
Waiting for the cry
Until I feel your hand in mine,
In the mist of the crowd;
Voices no longer loud.
The room is still
In the silence I feel
Your face
Releasing the light
And the scar in your eyes
past my
Black mask disguise.

copyright 2010

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Under the Tree

Eyes piercing; blue
He surrounds me
Under the tree
Body whole
Mind clear.
His smile; warming
Bending down
Arms to surround
Heart calm
Spirit found.
Lips full; smooth
Arms embracing
Under our tree
In a kiss
Submerged in bliss.

A Dream

They are talking together
Under the massive tree
of this world,
Bending toward each other
Whispering as they watch me
Dancing in the rain.
White dress floating,
Circling around my legs
As I twirl under the sky
In a song
In a sigh.
The wind sings to me
Wrapping around the tree.
Sky is black
Sky is light
Needing, bending,
In a sky day as night.
A white horse stands
In the distance
Head bowed
Waiting, waiting
for it's run,
Waiting for me to mount
For us to run.
Water dripping from my skin
Air needing to blend,
Legs dropping me to the grass
White dress spread all around
Sitting on the ground
Eyes falling upon them
Sitting under the tree
Whispering as they watch me
Dancing in the rain.


He is there
Under the tree
With words to say
Knowledge to give,
But I run,
I run from him
from this world.
I don't want
To know my fate
To know the truth,
I want silence
In the day
Silence in the night,
I want silence
Under my tree
Silence in the rain
Silence from it all.
I want the fell of the rain
To touch my skin.
I want only my rain
Under my tree
And silence,
Silence from the call
Silence from it all

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Downward Slope

The downward slope
Is where I find him
Standing, embracing the wind
That is now his friend
Blending as one within.

I feel graceful
I feel torn.
For he will destroy
The very world I know,
In this time
To be only thine

It will be my reality
Of this life to save,
The reality that I crave.

His arms are my sanctuary,
A lifetime embrace
In this place
Where I can look upon his face.

There he stands aglow
Becoming the reality that I know
In my world
In our world,
Standing under my tree
Waiting for me
Soaking in our light
Marking me, seizing me
To never, oh never
Leave his sight!


Spinning earth
Gulps me away
In a circle
In a pattern
I can not break free from.

Leaves green with spring
Grass soft from rain
Wind gentle and warm
Brushing my skin
Ever so softly
Ever so softly
Cooling to the touch
Raising every nerve
Sending a tingling sensation
Through every course of
My body.

Rain drops,
Softly, cooling, soundly
All around
All around
In a circle
In a pattern
Across my skin
Now wet with life
Seeping into
Nature's mysterious soul
To be
My serenity!