Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Beauty to Keep

On bended knee
I pray
that in my sleep
I can find
a beauty to keep.
An essence
to have
to hold,
praying that it ceases
the tears
that come to sight
the tears that continue to flow
with my crying soul
yearning to take flight.
I am here again
standing at the path
between dreams and sleep
praying for that beauty to keep.

posted for final One Shot Wednesday

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sweet Waves

sweet waves
ripple through her fingers
as she lies in its core
the sand caking to her skin
while she bathes.
The sun shines pearls
upon her chest
tattooing her in its realm
but she can not rest
she can not have peace
in the waves.

she stands
pulling wet hair from
her face
licking the salt from her lips
her blood to taste.
What has come of this world?
Why do tears drip
into the ocean?

She wraps her dress
around her thighs
and climbs upon a rock
a sturdy, solid rock
standing erect in the waves.
She lies upon the cold rock
letting the sun bake into her back
squeezing the cold stone against her breast.

She hears distant crying
crying echoing
floating above her.
She sits up
noticing the mountain walls surrounding her
and she hears the cries
from the mountain top
cries of sadness
for her.

She stands upon her rock
looking up into the sky
searching for Grace in the light.
The cries turn to howls
of victory as HE touches her
with his light
this world strengthening her.

She stands
upon the solid rock
legs, pale, wet, and bare.
She dips into the ocean
in a quick
fluent motion
kicking water into the air.
She hears the cries
of triumph
their energy soaking into her.

She twirls on the rock
the waves surround
legs, pale, bare
dance on cold stone
the waves rippling
into a symphony for her
dashing against the rock
water spraying above her.
In one single motion
she twirls
dips her leg into the water
kicking it out
bare in the light
causing the waves
to dance up into the air
surrounding her
on her rock
as she twirls
legs, pale, bare
in the light
in the waves
dancing for her.

one stop picture prompt challenge-final Sunday challenge
spectacular photography by Roise Hardy

Saturday, July 16, 2011

This Stone Structure

Sitting here
in front of this stone structure
I find my mind wondering
about it's history,
of the kind of life
it has lived.
I find myself wondering
why I feel
connected to it,
why it is speaking to me
and why I feel the need
to know the language
that it speaks.
I feel it's power
and the power it has over me.
I embrace it!
I fear it!
I must know of it!
This building
has been my destroyer,
now it is becoming my healer.
For this
I must know
must hear
must understand
its power
it's language
it's life.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hands of Time

Rough are the hands of time
that tick away
the beats of life
instilling in my mind
the gaps in time.

Time be still
so I can gather my thoughts,
be still
so I can see
what life has brought,
be still
so I can gather the time missed.

originally written when I was 18
posted for one shot Wednesday

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Never Let Your Dreams Die

This is one of the first poems I ever wrote. I think I was about 10. Should I leave it or re-write it?

Never let your dreams die
no matter what they are,
Life can be a big strife
but never let your dreams die.
If you let your dreams die
it could be the ending of a life.

posted for Friday Poetically for One Stop Poetry with Brian Miller