Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Flight of Wings

Bleeding from every stumble
I pray to thee
on bended knee
to send me strength
on a flight of wings.

Heart to Heart

Heart to heart
there is a beat
running as one
in rhythm
in song
rising in heat
to one single beat
together we meet.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Drink of Life

She places wine
to her lips
drinking the essence
into blood
of life
that slowly drips
from her lips
into the dirt
blending with the earth
that binds
the blood and wine
into one
birthing serenity
into eternity.

Dark Clouds

Dark clouds
slowly disperse
revealing a soft glow
from a round
rimmed moon
bathing her
in moonlight
as she lies
in the dark water
floating down
the river
letting the moon
wrap around
her naked body
as she slowly
becomes numb
waiting for the warmth
on the other side.

After The Storm

After the storm
my body is broken
rising with a
bruised soul
as a war rages
on behind me
exploding in flames
blazing in the fires
of a world that
that is burning
sending its heat
to reach out to me
unable to touch me
screaming in anger
as I walk on
leaving it behind
to melt
with the destruction
of a world
I no longer know
but fought through
as it bruised me
breaking my body
but I'm still standing
after the storm
I'm still standing.

Poison To Wine

I'll take
your poison
and make wine
drinking it up
from a cup
of life
unable to
feel the death
in your hands.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Consume Me

Consume me
as you take over
silently hovering
darkening my soul,
you bend me
you break me.

Confuse me
as I yearn for you
pathetically needing
something I can't understand
but finally tired
wishing you to leave.

Consume me
that is what I
wish I could,
as you refuse me
while I ignore you
wishing this to end.

Consume me
as you take over
silently destroying
as you watch me fall,
you bend me
you break me.

Fear me
as I take over
silently hovering
darkening your soul,
you bend me
you broke me.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Run, Run, Run

Run, run, run
needing to keep
faith alive,
but I toss it
needing to be
but I'm not so
can't face it
can't live it
can't be it.

Run, run, run
needing to keep
you here,
but I fear it
needing to feel
but I'm not so
to face you
to feel you
to have you.

The Air

The air
breathes slowly
gasping as I wake,
I inhale
to reach for you
in the night.
The air
freezes in my lungs
as time slowly
comes to a stop,
I'm unable to breathe
as I face
the reality that
you are not here.
I close my eyes
to vision a dream
to hold onto,
for I again see him
standing by the tree
the leaves
crowning him.
He is whispering
as I reach,
and atlas
I fall
reality crashing in
as I fear hopelessness.

My Poison

Your smile
has become
my poison,
your touch
my curse
for I fear
my demise
in your presence.
I can no
longer sacrifice
my soul
to you
nor leave you
my beating heart,
for I must rise
I must breathe
to finally see
for I can not
be blind.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Tomb of Ice

I'm freezing
numb to the wind
never noticing
the cold air
trickling up my legs
turning my skin
into ice
seizing me with
a fear in my core
that my soul
can not be saved,
only to be forever
frozen without warmth
afraid to move
afraid to take
one little step,
for fear that
my body
will shatter.

Beaten and Broken

I'm on the
ground again
wondering why I
continue to stand
screaming each time
in pain
as my bones
break back
into place so
I can stand
only to be broken
again and again
back on the ground
crying of what
I have become.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Too Many Wishes

Too many wishes
on too many nights
waiting for your
warm touch
to soften
my icy soul
yearning fi
something that
I can't give myself.
Every night I'm
still alone
all alone in the cold
wondering why
you come
at all.
I watch the door
hoping to hear
your step
hoping you knock
to over come
my fear.
I wonder on
too many nights
where you
actually are
wondering if I'm
even a thoughts
of you are
helping me to
finally breathe
causing total fear
that you will
again walk away
but this time
I fear I will
not care
as I constantly wait
each night
for your warmth
to soften
my icy soul.

Debating Thoughts

Angry thoughts
torment me
controlling my very being
tearing me apart
ripping into
until I am
two separate beings
unsure of what
I think or know
bouncing from being
to being
struggling with my thoughts
debating on which
side should win
fearing that the
anger will win.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I Have

I have been
looking everywhere
for something
that is right
in front of me
never realizing,
what you were
or what you
could be.
I have passed
the days wondering
why you are still here
in my crazy world,
constantly wondering
why you came back
never tearing down
my walls
but reaching through
my covered veil.
I have wasted
the days away
fighting with you
to keep you
from crossing the veil,
picking fights
that even I do not
know the reason to,
while being angry with you
without any reason
only terrified
of the emotions
you arise in me
that could lead
to happiness.
I have wondered
many days
if this is something
that I really
feel that I need
to be saved from,
so I can be alone
always alone
weeping for something
that I don't have
deluding myself that
this is happiness.
I have pushed
you away many days
terrified of you
stepping past my veil
revealing me
to be vulnerable
to you
craving your touch,
again wondering
why you are still here
and if I still have you.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Did You Think

Did you think
that it would be easy
to tear me
to rip me
breaking me
to beg for your mercy.
Did you think
that you could crush me
slowly destroy me
without consequence
believing that you
had control by
by squeezing me until
I fell to your lead
while deluding yourself
that I was your puppet
on strings
that you could
pull anytime.
Did you think
that these memories
would linger with me
forever haunting my
every waking moment
for eternity
until I was hollow inside.
Did you honestly think
that I would
never fight back
or stand each time
you would strike
again and again
until my soul heals
and you are destroyed.

Monday, January 14, 2013


to dry
are numb
to die
in dirt.


Sunday, January 13, 2013


I've found shelter
under my covers
laying in the dark
finding comfort
in your pillow
which I hold
here in the dark.
Tears can
no longer form
on this night
and maybe it
will be better
with the light on
but I refuse to move
as I cuddle
to your pillow
under the covers
eyes closing for sleep
wishing you were here
as I pray
for them not
to haunt me
in the night.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Wind

I can hear
the wind outside
blowing through
the trees
longing to be
with me
and I with it.

I long to be
out in the night
feeling it on
my skin
tingling every nerve
rumpling through
my hair.

I long to watch
it gathering leaves
in its pass
whispering to me
as it wraps
around me
feeding me with thoughts.

I can only
imagine it
through my window
as a sickness
consumes me inside
taking me away
from my world I love
leaving me wounded
struggling to heal.

I press my hand
to the cool glass
seeking the cold
as a relief
through the pain
listening to the wind
my only friend.

I See You

I can feel
a darkness
around me
trying to consume
what is me
engulfing me
but I see you,
through the darkness
I see you.

I stumble
I cry
I even fall
trying to avoid it
feeling it tighten
capturing me
but I see you,
through the darkness
I see you.

I submerge
I hide
I close my eyes
to see past my fear
of never holding
or feeling freedom
but I see you,
through the darkness
I see you.

I laugh
I smile
no longer feeling
a darkness consuming
seeing that there can
be a light in my world
because I see you,
through the darkness
I see you.

Friday, January 11, 2013


I arise
looking below
at a girl crying
screaming with
an anger
she can not control.
I watch her
as she moves
as she destroys
wondering what
and who
she is
for her soul
is dying.
How can I
tell her to
subside her anger
to live
and not hate
how can I
stop her pain.
I slowly
approach the girl
hand stretched out
to help her
but freeze as
she looks up
at me
as I look
at myself.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Dancing Light

In the calm
of the night
I see a little light
bouncing through
the darken trees
tumbling, tumbling
into the night
beckoning for me
to follow
into the trees
the wind brushing
past me
pushing me forward
into the clearing
with burning fires
their shadows
flickering across
the trees
as they bend
swaying in the wind
back and forth
moving with the beat
the beat
of my dancing feet
in circles
in circles
around the fire
blazing up into
the night sky
revealing a round moon
behind the clouds
glowing down
into my open hands
palms up
head back
I howl.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Rising Sun

Awake to
the rising sun
rise to the song
of time
to bathe in the
waters of light
until the body
hurts no more.
fall sleep
to the moon's
deep glow
dream of the
days ago
and in the night
we will fear
no more
awaiting the new day
to soar.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Candle Light

A candle light
dances around a room
flickering through
the shadows
as she slowly stands
glowing in the light.
The night descends
as she steps out
into the darkness
catching the moon
rising above
towering over her
with its light.
She lays down
in the dirt
closing her eyes
from the past
behind her
embracing the
soft wind rippling
through her hair
she sleeps.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Life Within

Rain slowly drips
on green leaves
soaking red lips
in a sip
of earth and wine
from a cup
that is thine
but slowly to be mine
in mortal kiss
under the dark sky
where the rain drips
from lip to lip
shedding a life within
into the sea
circling in sin
with the wind
into eternity.