Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I Couldn't Stop

I couldn't stop
the world from breaking
the earth from bleeding.
I wanted you
to turn away
so you couldn't see
the darkness in me.
I wanted to push
you away
so you couldn't hear
me and the nonsense
I tend to speak,
but I couldn't stop
you from coming.

I couldn't stop
the tears
from breaking me,
strengthening me.
I couldn't stop
the shadows
as they fed upon me
ripping everything away.
I wanted to beg
the Lord
to send you away
to stop you;
but I couldn't stop
from wanting you,
so I couldn't beg
and I couldn't stop
you from coming.

How can you
look upon a
fallen angel
a woman who
couldn't stop
her world
from breaking,
her soul
from bleeding.
I fear what you
will see in me,
seeing something that
will make you
walk away
but I can't stop,
I can't stop,
the need for you
and I yearn for you
giving in
to everything that is you
and I couldn't
and I won't
stop you from coming.