Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Follow me

Walk with me
don't be scared,
Dance with me
don't be shy,
for once upon a time
I was a person,
a soul living
in a world aglow.
Can you see that
when you look at me
Can you feel me?

I believe I am trapped
in a body I don't know.
Can I be saved
Can I be found?
Stand beside me
don't be scared,
I'm only me
or at least
that is what I believe
and we may never know
the truth inside.

Walk with me
let me show
you a light,
a glow,
for I'm on a quest
to find a glow
I believe I once had.
Follow me
don't be scared
for I believe
the light will find us.

originally written 2008 posted for One Shot Wednesday one year anniversary

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Can You Hear The Children's Cry

Can you hear the children's cry,
know of the tears
that weep,
to be born
then tossed
in a battle
ever lost.

Can you hear them mourn
As they sit alone
Sleep alone
hungry and torn.

Can you see their tears
as they fight
the monster
who claims to be real
shaking their every fear.

Can you hear the children cry,
as they are ripped
from family to family
in hell
without a cup to sip.

Can you feel them shake
as that shadow
comes in the night
scarring, beating
raping their innocence,
their souls to take.

Can you hear their cry
as they lie beaten
and burned on the floor
praying to have wings to fly
away from this place,
these people
who have forgotten
the children of the world.

for One Stop Poetry prompt

Friday, June 24, 2011

A Light

A light
dancing through
the leaves
reflects off
her face,
dark hair
blowing in the breeze
the sun
bathing her skin.
She looks up
into this world
of hers
breathing in the
beauty that surrounds,
face pointing
to the sun
she bows.

written for Friday Poetically picture is by Alison Jardine. website http://alisonjardine.com/

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Cry

There is a cry
into the wild,
a cry to see him again
for his face
to bring earth back.
There is a cry
to again see the moon,
a cry
to feel to wind
to see
not just know
of my friend
that will carry me to end.
There is a cry
to hear the echo,
to see and feel the glow
in the woods
to feel the soft grass
under my knees
Where I yearn to kneel.
There is a cry
into the wilds,
a cry to see him again
to feel him
for his face
to bring earth back.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why Are You Here

The sun light
dances through the trees
The wind soft and quiet,
he stands a far
starring at me
blue eyes fixed
the wind playing in his hair.

What are you doing here
I call into the the wind,
He smiles
as the wind responds in silence.
We stare at each other
for a moment
and I call again
What are you doing here,
He smiles again
as he leans against the tree.

The wind carries
laughter to me
but he is not laughing
only smiling,
his eyes dancing
remain fixed on me.
Never taking my eyes
off of him
I sit down in the garden.

Roses decorate my skin
the scent invigorating.
The wind picks up in a rush
weaving rose petals
into the air
the colors dancing
over my head.
Lifting my chin
I can feel
the petals brush my face
touching my lips
with a rose petal kiss.
I close my eyes
into the wind
breathing as one with it.

The rose petals
are carried by the wind
floating all around
and I open my eyes.
His blue eyes
bleed into mine
as he touches my hand
and I feel his fire.
His lips brush mine
as he whispers to me
"Why are you here"?

posted for OneShot Wednesday written 3-22-11

Monday, June 6, 2011

A Dawn Like This

I've never seen
a dawn like this before
the sun subsiding
the moon bright
in the dim blue sky
Bowing to my cry
I cover my sight
tears in beauty
harboring in my eyes
only to turn
to diamonds
in the once before
night sky

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Light

You took my light
my burning flame
ripped it from my soul
leaving my heart beating
but no longer breathing.

You took my light
of my dancing soul
leaving it beating
but no longer needing.

you took my light
my flame, my warmth
leaving me cold
a dimness in the night.

You took my light
my nature, my will
tearing me to pieces
leaving a life still standing
but no longer wanting.

You took my light
my every desire, my innocence
leaving a shell
a person no longer.