Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Boy

The sun is glowing
Through the trees,
And the children
are running down the path
But I follow the boy.
Legs bare in the sun
Hair golden, long,
The eyes blue
Crisp and gentle.
I find myself
running behind him
Moving along with him.
We sit at a pond
He is looking off
Feet dangling in the water.
The air is warm,
Cool and calm.
I look out across the water
But find myself
Watching him.
He is now hanging
From a tree,
He smiles.
I smile.
We are again on this path,
The sun glowing through the trees
His bare feet
Running through the dirt,
I’m running behind him
Moving along with him.
I hear the laughter
of the children
But I follow the boy.

Copyright © 2010


I see his delicate fingers
Rough, smooth, and bare
His eyes piercing
Gentle but fierce.
Lips smooth, round, electric
Body, medium, solid, escentric
Skin, soft, firm
Giving a fire inside to burn
A yearn,
An attraction, a love, to rise
A continuing fire
That only his presence can subside.

Copyright © 2010

Tiger, Tiger

Tiger, tiger of the land
Tiger, tiger makes me quiver in the sand.

Tiger, tiger of the night
Tiger, tiger in the moonlight you shine so bright.

Tiger, tiger of the moon
Tiger, tiger come back soon.

Tiger, tiger you are my strength
Tiger, tiger for me you always went that extra length.

Tiger, tiger you are mine
Tiger, tiger only to me are you very kind.

Tiger, tiger don't run so slow,
Tiger, tiger I love you so.

Tiger, tiger I'm just a lad
Tiger, tiger I am so sad.

Tiger, tiger why does this tear come to eye
Tiger, tiger knows not why.

Tiger, tiger in my heart there will always be a sore
Tiger, tiger runs no more.

Copyright © 2010

The Seed

Tonight I need
To produce this seed,
A seed of life
That I found in you.
To give, to grow
To seize this crow
Of darkness,
That has come to steal
What I have, what I feel.

Blood drips to the earth
A sacrifice of this birth,
Of the crow tearing my flesh,
For he must perish
In order for this seed to flourish.
He vanishes-
Leaving me famished
A curse of this birth.
I'm stuck in a trance
Of life to enhance
For I have produced this seed
Whole and new in my being,
This seed of life
That I have found in you

Copyright © 2010

The Sound

That sound,
I love that sound!
It never tires
It never bores,
The rumble
The wind!
My tongue thirsts
It yearns
It calls,
It rushes me!
Oh, that sound,
I love that sound,
Captivate me!
Move me!
I tremble at the thought,
I crumble at the sound.
Come to me,
My body stretches
Electrifying me
On my knees
I crumble at the sound!

Copyright © 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Thunder crashing
Through the dark sky
Fires burning
Ashes to fly.
Lighting cracking
The ground cold
Feet dancing
Around in circles
And in stone.
The wind rushing
Through the air
To roar with the wind
To blend within,
Reaching up
To feel the first drop
Fighting to kneel
Needing it to stop
And it pours
Taking its course
To my soul.
A cry to the shores
To the waves
To the moor
To the moor.
Ground is cold
Feet dancing
The fires burning
The world turning
Within the roar.

This is where I am
In circles
In circles
Dancing in the sand
To know what is mine
To feel the rain on my hand
to take; to mark
To Stand
Feeling my beating heart.
I am here
To dance
In the ocean's wave
With fires burning
Ashes to fly
In the light
In the sky
Here to stay
Where ocean's lay.

copyright2010 Laura Lynn Poetry check me out this site for the poetry community. I'm on poetry potluck and there is great interview on me there.