Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A plate
plunged to
the floor
shattering into
pieces from
the impact
shinning across
the tile
and my
bare feet
I sighed
deeply at
the sight
saying "please
you didn't
need to
jump just
to prove
a point",
grabbing the
broom I
began again
"What am
I supposed
to do?
I can't
put you
back together.
You wouldn't
be the same.
The glue
couldn't hold"
I swept
each piece
into my
hand the
rough sides
making little
cuts in
it's last
attempt to
explain the
tears of
goodbye in
broken pieces
of red
across my
skin and
I began
again "I
hate to
see you
go. I 
really liked
you. Goodbye
sweet plate".

Monday, November 16, 2015

I see

Each breath
moves in sync
with every
heart beat
skin moisten
touch tingling
in the wind
as I run
needing to
get to
the end
reaching out
as I'm blind
coming to
the clearing
my eyes
finally opening
and for
once I see. 
©LauraLynnPoetry 2015


I whisper
and I
for the
has started
to spin
and I
must get
I must
get out

Thursday, May 29, 2014

A goodnight to the Day

The sun
has quickly
descended into
the night
that has
awakened as
I slowly close 
my back door
signing a 
goodnight to
the struggle 
of the day
when I hear
the thunder 
echo in
the distance
wondering if
there will be
a storm
on this 
quite night
for I feel
I need
a storm
and as 
I think
I see the
glow of
lighting from
the shaded
window just
as the rain
drops hit
the pane 
with breath
of sigh
the storm
has arrived. 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Night air

The night
is warm
hot air
against my face
the sweat rolling
down my back
as the first
rain drop
hits the earth
splattering on
my flesh,
the soft
wind cooly
lifts the
hair off the
back of my  neck
closing my eyes
to its sweet relief.

Monday, April 14, 2014


Hello 7:50
today I am not well,
for I know what you mean
as I drive this morn
to a place 
I can no longer stand,
sensing a horror 
creeping inside
a shaking 
becoming uncontrollable 
tearing this hole 
in my stomach
nausea setting in,
I wonder why 
I am still here 
for I shouldn't 
hate 7:50. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014


as I grip
the coffee mug
listening to
the slow drip
of liquid hitting
the glass pot
inhaling the aroma
awaiting the taste
of the hot
flowing coffee
on my tongue.