Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Downward Slope

The downward slope
Is where I find him
Standing, embracing the wind
That is now his friend
Blending as one within.

I feel graceful
I feel torn.
For he will destroy
The very world I know,
In this time
To be only thine

It will be my reality
Of this life to save,
The reality that I crave.

His arms are my sanctuary,
A lifetime embrace
In this place
Where I can look upon his face.

There he stands aglow
Becoming the reality that I know
In my world
In our world,
Standing under my tree
Waiting for me
Soaking in our light
Marking me, seizing me
To never, oh never
Leave his sight!


  1. The downward slope...

    i know that place somewhere deep inside...and i love this piece!

    check the comments on the interview!

  2. powerful flow.
    it is meant to be when it is the downward slop.

  3. Thanks for stopping by everyone and for the comments.
    Jingle, I think I agree with is meant to be when it is the downward slope


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  5. Destroying the world that I know. Powerful poem.

  6. I especially loved the end. You are a great writer. Thank you for sharing.