Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Dream

They are talking together
Under the massive tree
of this world,
Bending toward each other
Whispering as they watch me
Dancing in the rain.
White dress floating,
Circling around my legs
As I twirl under the sky
In a song
In a sigh.
The wind sings to me
Wrapping around the tree.
Sky is black
Sky is light
Needing, bending,
In a sky day as night.
A white horse stands
In the distance
Head bowed
Waiting, waiting
for it's run,
Waiting for me to mount
For us to run.
Water dripping from my skin
Air needing to blend,
Legs dropping me to the grass
White dress spread all around
Sitting on the ground
Eyes falling upon them
Sitting under the tree
Whispering as they watch me
Dancing in the rain.


  1. Oh that was beautiful. I could feel it!

  2. nicely done, vivid images in your words

  3. A dance for the gods; seemed classic like ballet. Good write. Nighthawk

  4. The ballet of your thoughts is quite captivating indeed...enjoyed reading your work.

  5. very classical,
    well done,
    Thanks for the love at JP.


  6. love how you capture the essence of the moment.. mine's here-

  7. they who watch have fallen in love with you!