Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Touch

Darkness consumes me
in the night
running away from me.
I struggle for peace
but the nightmares
tear at me
bouncing around in my head
ripping me
defining me.
before the scream
can build in my throat
I feel a soft touch
on my face
in the night,
a touch
that calms me.
I lay still
as the touch
comes again,
the nightmare
releases me
and I open
my eyes
to see your face.


  1. Laura, there must be an epidemic of nightmares going around...just read another poem along that line. But I love the ending on this one!

  2. i am glad you have that comforting release from the nightmares...they are not a lot of fun to go through...and its nice to have someone to face them with...smiles.

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