Sunday, September 2, 2012

Brave One

Brave one
Where are you
I call into
the wind.
Where is my knight
My sweetness in the night.

The world
has again
turned cold,
the air frozen.
The night
again steals
my sleep
and I lay
awake fearing
the shadows
as they hover
over my bed.
I stare at them
in complete silence
fear no longer
seizing me,
only anger to rise.
I turn from them
but I still feel them
their presence
consuming me
as they grasp
for a life
they can not have,
waiting to suck
away my soul.

Brave one
where are you
I call into
the wind,
Where is my man
My knight
My sweetness
in the night,
where is he
to help me fight.

The memories
are still there
as I reach
for you in the night
starring at the
shadows still
looming over me,
and I wonder
if I have the strength.

Brave one
Where are you
I call into
the wind,
Where is my man
My Knight
My shinning light.

I close
my eyes
needing the dark
to mask my defeat.
The night closes
in around me
and I see him
standing under the tree
whispering prayers
from his lips,
prayers of strength
of guidance.
I see the tears
glisten on his cheeks
reminding me
that I can not
accept defeat
and with him
I whisper prayers
for the shadows
to disperse
for strength
for guidance
for my knight
my man
my sweetness
in the night.

1 comment:

  1. i feel you in this...the longing for one to face the storm with...the calling of him...i hope that he arrives in time...