Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Domino (Revised)

I was never satisfied with the original Domino. It was lacking the emotion and words needed to be complete. I feel that this version speaks the true vertigo of this game Domino

She fades
into a sigh,
the past
a haunting task
a future drowning
into emotions spinning,
a world a blur
turning upside down
in a moment of vertigo;
nausea growing
in this game
of domino,
The pieces
standing tall
waiting for her to fall
collapsing in defeat,
her end to meet
shattering in dreams
that undress the night
turning into balls of light
as the sun rises
with a golden crown
emotions spinning
off the growd
letting go
into a spiral
of vertigo,
she antiscipates
the next move
asking if he will wait
or go
always in this game
of domino,
the pieces standing
so erect
waiting for him
to select
with a lingering question
continuing to ask
in this tedious game
of hidden mask,
will he wait
into the dawn of tomorrow
or the night of yesterday
will he move
for the pieces to fall
letting go
in this game of domino.

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