Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Poetry Today

Should I be worried for my poetry by entering into this new world of poetry? I have been reading a lot of the current poetry today, wondering what happened to actual, classic poetry. A lot of it seems to be in story form. I feel like I'm reading a story and not poetry. The new generation of poetry has lost all rhythm, flow, and beauty.

I fear that my poetry will not meet the new standards that has generated for poetry. I am lost when reading it. I have no idea what the the writer is talking about, expressing, or visualizing. I can not enter into the poet's world, for I am lost at lines added that shouldn't be added. However, these poets are receiving awards and publication.

In my opinion it is not a poem unless it can flow and has a rhythm to it. I am not talking about rhyming I am talking about rhythm. I was taught that a poem not matter what style, needs rhythm.

There are great poets out in the world but are they going unnoticed? Do we all need to subject our style and rhythm to the new generation standards in order to be noticed? This new generation of poetry has corrupted the beauty that once was poetry. It is disgusting!

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