Friday, July 23, 2010

Release Me

I feel for your lips
In the dark
Feeling your skin
Stuck within,
Waiting, needing it
Release me.

I have a prison
Built within,
Buried inside you
Needing to
Break within.

For I am in flames!
I'm in flames!
Burning inside of you
Consumed by this sin
Waiting for your skin
Release me.

I feel your kiss
In this darken void,
Feeling your heart beat
Submitting to your heat.
It is burning
I am burning,
Only you can subside,
Only you can subside.

For I am in Flames!
I'm in flames!
Inside of you
To break me from this sin
And waiting for your skin
Release me.

copyright 2010

give your thoughts on this poem. I'm not completely satisfied with it as of yet.
I have submitted this on jingle poetry.


  1. I like this poem! The musicality, the rhythm... I like the way you use free verses here to create flowing words anticipating and following emotions at the same time! Nice work :)

  2. Thank you! I appreciate your insight!

  3. hot, burning it sweet.
    love your entry, beautiful sentiments.

  4. your repetitive words emphasises and brings out the urgency and intensity.. grat work!

  5. Passionate indeed. Enjoyed this visit to yr blog, Laura. I hope to return...

    Warmest Salad

    Luke @ WordSalad