Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Run

I feel the run,
The need
The fuel
The muscle burning
As the legs
push forward.
The breathing
Steady, fast, hard
The heart
Beating in rhythm.
The wind cool
Fast against the skin,
The feet
pushing through the grass
Over the hills
Through the tress
Limbs hitting the leaves.

I feel the run,
The need
Fueling the power
To go faster
Faster up the hill.
Need the climb
The burn in my muscles
The top is not far.
I hear them
Panting behind me
Soon they will be
Beside me
Running with me,
Running as one.
I can hear their call
In the distance behind
I burn harder
Needing to feel the wind more
To feel free.
They are beside me now,
I can feel the softness
As they brush me,
Fueling me with
Their strength,
Carrying me with
Their love.

I feel the run,
The need
Muscles burning
Carrying me up the hill,
The heart beating faster
Breathing flowing harder.
I feel this run
A victory to be won
And we are all running as one
To the top
The very top
To stand together
Beside each other
At the top
The very top.
Wind strong, demanding
The howl in the distance
The call rumbling in the chest,
From my lips, I howl
And they bow,
For I feel the run
And we are one,
We are one!




  1. Your use of metaphor can stand for various interpretations, yet taken on the surface you made me miss running which is something I used to revel in before winter decided to snow me in way to often this year. Nice work, LL

  2. nice...quite the passionate run...i feel much the same when i, not sure if intentional but in the first verse you dropped an e in the...nice one shot

  3. Not intentional Brian and thanks for letting me know. I have buttery fingers.

  4. I liked this. I felt a bit more rushed as I went. This is a good write.

  5. The short line length made me feel like I was running along with fast that I almost fell flat on my face :) Perfect pace for the topic. Also, it had an urgency and eeriness to it - so are you the leader of the pack or what? ;)

  6. Wow I bet runners would love to have this on their wall to read over and over...I am not a runner..however those who do run really fall in love with it...nice repetition and bringing it across the finnish line..bkm

  7. MOST inviting... can I join in?
    Enjoyed the pace of this poem.. the short lines actually made me feel like I was running too

    Cheers to freedom!!

  8. Dear Laura
    I liked it very much.. your lines touched me a lot...
    'The call rumbling in the chest,
    From my lips, I howl
    And they bow,
    For I feel the run"

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  9. Yes this is exhilarating reading! The way you wrote it helps me run alongside in my mind, helps me imagine what it must be like to be able to run, to have that much compelling energy, and the joy of the oneness at the end.