Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Still Night

In the still night
I hear you whispering to me,
I can feel your heart beat
in the dark next to me.

Move in closer
your words I must hear,
for in the night they are unclear
mixing in the dark with my fear.

I need to feel you breathe
to know you are beside me
in the dark
in a world so far apart.

Move in closer,
I can not hear
as the night calls my tears
mixing in the dark with my fear.

I can't hear;
the world is spinning year and year.
I feel alone in the night
yearning and yearning for that light.

I need to know
to feel complete
to face the dark without defeat,
Rising up to finally breathe.

In the still night
next to me
I want to feel your heart beat,
in the dark while you whisper to me.


  1. the intimacy in this or the desire for it so that you can face the is great to see you as well...been a while...smiles.

  2. Lovely :) - The Rhyme in the last lines of every verse is beautiful.

  3. hey, good to see you post. I always enjoy your darker, more mysterious poetry. there aren't too many of us around these days (at least it seems that way to me ;)