Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Beauty to Keep

On bended knee
I pray
that in my sleep
I can find
a beauty to keep.
An essence
to have
to hold,
praying that it ceases
the tears
that come to sight
the tears that continue to flow
with my crying soul
yearning to take flight.
I am here again
standing at the path
between dreams and sleep
praying for that beauty to keep.

posted for final One Shot Wednesday


  1. Beautiful poetry. "praying for that beauty to keep" It is hard for us to see the beauty inside oursides... Thankfully others who love us see it easily.

  2. mmm...nice play on the old rhyme...i think that beauty will...smiles.

  3. The heart's values represent the true beauty of one's character.

    Very nicely done!

  4. "Truth is beauty and beauty truth, that's all we know and all we'll ever know" - at least that's the way I remember that Keats' line. It is that search for both that motivates us. One has only to see the interest in movies and movie stars to know it. It satisfies something deep, mysterious and necessary in the human animal. In themselves, truth and beauty are mythic. Well done, here.

  5. Simply beautiful, love it :)

    Take care

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