Monday, December 27, 2010

Celebration- A Haiku

Laughter in the night
mesmerizing to my ears,
Ending of a year.


  1. simple yet beautiful. . .love the pic!

  2. Beautiful, it is enchanting=D~~

    Oh and a side note, you are invited!

    From 10:01 a.m. Monday December 27,2010 until 10:01 a.m. Saturday January 8, 2011 (CST), think about what you want to have, do and wish for this upcoming new year. After that, use them to create a poem, short fiction, prose, haiku or anything you can think of and link them in using the comment panel on this post:

    Share your dreams, wish list and wishes over here as the new year comes greeting on us!

    Note that you don’t have to be a poet or blogger in order to do it but a link to where your work can be seen by other audiences. Do ask your friends to join in the fun as well!^_^

    Cheers and have a wonderful year ahead=D

  3. so much said with so few words...beautiful

  4. powerful writing,
    love the compactness.
    Thanks for sharing...


  5. lovely- says everything. mines here-

  6. Laughter heard is one of the best possible year-ending experiences! happiest to you!

  7. hope the new year too bring laughter and joy :D