Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hands of Time

Rough are the hands of time
that tick away
the beats of life
instilling in my mind
the gaps in time.

Time be still
so I can gather my thoughts,
be still
so I can see
what life has brought,
be still
so I can gather the time missed.

originally written when I was 18
posted for one shot Wednesday


  1. nice! I can only wish I'd recognized my need to write so early :) I stand humbled, lady :)

    bummy / monty

  2. Such mature thoughts for an 18 year old! Beautiful write, so intense.

    PS. Love your blog! Your header pic is awesome.

  3. 18-year-old you sounds like she just needed a breather. Time does fly so fast in youth...we all too often lose ourselves in the moments, never realizing how precious and how few they are, until they've already fluttered past...sounds like you were already trying to slow things down, to get a hold on the world. Hope things have since calmed down a bit for you...lovely little piece though.

  4. nice for an 18 year old...i frittered away time back then and gave it little thought...oh if only i had a bit of it now...

  5. You were a kid, a deep insightful kid, this is good.You were a kid, a deep insightful kid, this is good.

  6. Aahh.. so very reflective and beautiful, Laura!
    And I get a feeling this came as a result of some heavy thinking after a string of teen-ish events... in any case, it is really wonderfully written!
    Really liked the way it has been structured..

  7. So lovely! I love this line: "be still/so I can gather the time missed." I love that you shared a poem from the past (though I have no idea how old you are)-- I think that is a great idea and it's fun to go back and read, and tweak things even. I also have shared older poems.

  8. This might just be one of my favorites of your poetry to date! and written a while back, you were and are wise beyond your years...this poem fits a conversation we recently had via text about memories...find it interesting and wonderful that it was written at 18...perhaps the stillness the poem asks for is close :)

    ok...I cannot post from my wordpress on any blogger sites today for some reason...so I'm posting from my google account

    love your way lady!