Friday, June 24, 2011

A Light

A light
dancing through
the leaves
reflects off
her face,
dark hair
blowing in the breeze
the sun
bathing her skin.
She looks up
into this world
of hers
breathing in the
beauty that surrounds,
face pointing
to the sun
she bows.

written for Friday Poetically picture is by Alison Jardine. website


  1. nice...and it seem she is one with it...her reverence in the face of it is humbling...

    ps. did not see your link in over at one stop...

  2. You are correct Brian. My link was not there. I forgot to link on One Stop. It is there now..

  3. Beautifully written Laura Lynn.

  4. It reflects the zen feeling I find in her facial expression, Laura Lynn :) Lovely poetry!

  5. Sunlight and shadows bend to nature’s reverence. Always, there is more to see.