Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Follow me

Walk with me
don't be scared,
Dance with me
don't be shy,
for once upon a time
I was a person,
a soul living
in a world aglow.
Can you see that
when you look at me
Can you feel me?

I believe I am trapped
in a body I don't know.
Can I be saved
Can I be found?
Stand beside me
don't be scared,
I'm only me
or at least
that is what I believe
and we may never know
the truth inside.

Walk with me
let me show
you a light,
a glow,
for I'm on a quest
to find a glow
I believe I once had.
Follow me
don't be scared
for I believe
the light will find us.

originally written 2008 posted for One Shot Wednesday one year anniversary


  1. it is a journey best shared...and together i imagine the light yes will be found...

  2. I really do like your writing style. I can relate so often to your words. The light will find us if we are willing and have faith. Great write.

  3. Life is unpredictable and we often find ourselves searching for answers,
    beautiful write... there's so much depth in your words

  4. Ghosts that want to find the light? Death holding your hand? Together with Destiny - trying to decide, time an entity like the current 'invaders' in Dr. Who. The ones who can't be remembered even if they're seen. Time can't be stopped but can be captured, in a camera or in memory. Fascinating piece. Thank you. Gay

  5. What a wonderfully-written piece/prose poem! :) // Peter.

  6. The uncertainty of identity, of knowing...the bliss of companionship and the light of being...splendid piece, eloquently surfing the journey of life and time.

  7. Amazing poetry!!
    Enjoyed reading it:)