Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why Are You Here

The sun light
dances through the trees
The wind soft and quiet,
he stands a far
starring at me
blue eyes fixed
the wind playing in his hair.

What are you doing here
I call into the the wind,
He smiles
as the wind responds in silence.
We stare at each other
for a moment
and I call again
What are you doing here,
He smiles again
as he leans against the tree.

The wind carries
laughter to me
but he is not laughing
only smiling,
his eyes dancing
remain fixed on me.
Never taking my eyes
off of him
I sit down in the garden.

Roses decorate my skin
the scent invigorating.
The wind picks up in a rush
weaving rose petals
into the air
the colors dancing
over my head.
Lifting my chin
I can feel
the petals brush my face
touching my lips
with a rose petal kiss.
I close my eyes
into the wind
breathing as one with it.

The rose petals
are carried by the wind
floating all around
and I open my eyes.
His blue eyes
bleed into mine
as he touches my hand
and I feel his fire.
His lips brush mine
as he whispers to me
"Why are you here"?

posted for OneShot Wednesday written 3-22-11


  1. oo la la...and a great response by to get intentions out on table...smiles. love the little touches..

  2. You paint a subtle picture of passion here...nicely done.

  3. I love the imagery and his response. Beautiful.

  4. strong imagery here, Laura. Good job

  5. The end was pure magic..
    God, I was immersed in this one, Laura... it was soooo romantic.. I could smell the rose petals, his smell, even his gaze!!
    Good God.. this was a very very fine read!! Enjoyed it a LOT!

  6. ooohh my my! Caught.. eh!
    Very romantic.. Rose petals whirling around.. that has to be mystical!

    Loved the word play n expression! Dreaming already.. :D

    Hugs xoxox

  7. Thanks Kavisionz! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  8. Great imagery!