Saturday, June 25, 2011

Can You Hear The Children's Cry

Can you hear the children's cry,
know of the tears
that weep,
to be born
then tossed
in a battle
ever lost.

Can you hear them mourn
As they sit alone
Sleep alone
hungry and torn.

Can you see their tears
as they fight
the monster
who claims to be real
shaking their every fear.

Can you hear the children cry,
as they are ripped
from family to family
in hell
without a cup to sip.

Can you feel them shake
as that shadow
comes in the night
scarring, beating
raping their innocence,
their souls to take.

Can you hear their cry
as they lie beaten
and burned on the floor
praying to have wings to fly
away from this place,
these people
who have forgotten
the children of the world.

for One Stop Poetry prompt


  1. I hear them. inside and outside...this is beautiful, even amidst the terror and suffering. You give a voice to so many Laura...made me a bit weepy...but, you know me, I'm the weepy type..

  2. A well expressed emotional piece written beautifully!

  3. Beautifully written & evocative..child poverty is growing all the time...

  4. A strong plea for the safety and provision of children

    Thanks for posting

  5. This is a fight well worth fighting for, all child abuse of any form must stop. Emotionally strong and powerful write up.

  6. Beautiful, Heartfelt and well done...

  7. some real and vivid writing...yes i can...that is why i do what i do...well spoke...

  8. That was was moving and something that needs attention. help those who can't help their selves.
    God Bless the Child that has it's Own. That's what I thought of.

  9. Very powerful message, very moving piece. Hearing the silent whispers of the night, always.

  10. this made me shiver...all too often we do no their cry..good and vivid write laura